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… little fun facts


  • The name Možina was first mentioned in 1625 when Andrej, the son of Simon Možina, was brought to the church by his godfather Matija Kogušek and godmother Špela Štanta to be baptized. Even though the original family name Možina was not in use for a long time it sticked with the house until today.


  • According to the locals the Skvarča pub in Možina’s house was frequently visited by Ivan Cankar, one of the most important Slovene writers and playwrights, whose mother was from Vrzdenec – a village nearby.j


  • Možina’s house was also a scenery for a partisan film Peta zaseda (The Fifth ambush) in 1968. The fragments of the inscriptions for the film (Long live Stalin!, Long live Tito!) were still visible on the façade until very recently.


  • Možina’s house is a cultural monument of local importance and is protected together with the old village center, the church of St. Joyce and the church of St. John the Apostle.

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