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od nekoč

From the past...

Možina's house is a rare example of a preserved historical house of a wealthy farmer in Polhov Gradec Hills. It is built in classical rural style. With its 106 hectares of land it used to be the wealthiest house in the Šentjošt area and its size was adequate for the owner to get hunting rights. It is built of stone, and so are the entrance portals. Years 1842 on one portal and 1894 on the other are the years the house was renovated. However, the house is much older as it has a gothic window on the east facade and was first mentioned in writing in 1652.


After the Second World War there were a farm building, a small double hayrack, a fruit dryer and a cottage next to the house. It had been a butcher’s shop, and a municipal office from the mid-19th century to 1945. Možina’s house was multiple times a school building and a shop. Before the war it was a pub with guest rooms. Locals and travelers were stopping by to have a bite, play cards, pool or a local popular game called “marjanca”. After the Second World War the new authorities seized the property and gave the pub to the administration but it was closed shortly after that.

… to the future

Možina’s house was inhabited until the 90’s of the 20th century and then started to crumble slowly. The current owners bought it in 2003 and decided to preserve its beauty for the future generations. Of all the properties only the house is still standing.

The main idea behind the renovation was to preserve as many historical materials and house proportions as possible. Read more.

… inspiring new life

Even at the stage of renovation (when it was without the plaster, windows, doors…) it was already a place of exhibitions, cultural events and social gatherings and with its interesting interior it appeared in a music video. Today it opens its door to the locals and travelers on numerous occasions The locals and travelers are welcome again. It is meant to be a gathering place for all who cherish homeliness and hospitality.

vdihniti novo življenje

… little fun facts


  • The name Možina was first mentioned in 1625 when Andrej, the son of Simon Možina, was brought to the church by his godfather Matija Kogušek and godmother Špela Štanta to be baptized. Even though the original family name Možina was not in use for a long time it sticked with the house until today. Read more.

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