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Lovely getaway in the nature with magnificent views.

Equipment: hiking shoes for walking in forest

Season: perfect in every season

Difficulty: perfect for family, even with small children

Altitude: 729 m

Duration: 10 minutes (with car) + 45 minutes (by foot, oneway)

From Mozina's house in Šentjošt you drive to village called Samotorica. At the end of the village there is small hayrack with signpost. The main road goes to the right, but we stay at the side road. Soon there is small place with shrine where you leave your car. From now on you can go by foot.

Through pleasant forest path you come to beautiful clearing, where you can soon catch a glimpse of Horjul Valley. If you come in the right time of the year there will be lots of blossioming flowers.

To make shure you won't get lost, there are trail markings along the way. The path continues through Koreno village . While walking to the top of the hill you can see highland cattles, which are really cute.

On the top there is church of St. Mohor and Fortunat with beautiful views all around. On one side you can see Horjul Valley and on the other there is Polhov Gradec-Hills Valley.

The way back is the same.

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