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… to the future

Možina’s house was inhabited until the 90’s of the 20th century and then started to crumble slowly. The current owners bought it in 2003 and decided to preserve its beauty for the future generations. Of all the properties only the house is still standing.

The main idea behind the renovation was to preserve as many historical materials and house proportions as possible. 

The renovation was long as it was done in an old-fashioned, traditional way with materials that were used in the past. Sometimes it was necessary to re-invent the methods. Excellent local masons, carpenters, restorers and architects did an outstanding job. The house is heritage protected building, so the renovation was supervised by Andreja Bahar Muršič who we well cooperated with. The renovation would not be possible without the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia. However, many things were done by ourselves with the help of our family and friends. The renovation took 15 years.

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